Newspaper vs Whatsapp

Newspaper vs Whatsapp.jpg

Nowadays people get news in whats app,rare people use newspaper


2 thoughts on “Newspaper vs Whatsapp

  1. The industry is consolidating and morphing but rare, is a bit of a overstatement. I’m pretty sure there are 10’s of millions of newspapers produced each day just in the US. The top 15 are probably are close or over 10 million circulation alone. And the last stat I saw in 2014 of the number of daily papers in the US was over 1,300 I’d say newspapers are still reaching a lot of people. And unlike the app it touches a lot more hands and eyes than the owner of the phone or tablet. That doesn’t even count all the community papers that are weeklies or monthlies. Also remember where a lot of those stories in the digital world come from, newspaper reporters. I do like your illustration, just the caption I thought was off.

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